November is T-Shirt Month!

November is T-Shirt Month!

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 20, 2006

With the end of our Fall contest, we have a short week this week (we're off on Thursday and Friday) and then we blog the party season in earnest. Got tips and pix for how you dazzle your guests when you have them over? Send them in and share your skill with us.

Oh, and thank you for the T-Shirt submissions! We're still taking them and want to respond to some comments from last week that implied we were looking to cash in on other folks work. In response, we're calling your bluff...

We'll give the winning designer $200 and four shirts for his or her design, but it's got to be a clear design graphic that we can use and not just a description of an idea. Hey, if we make a lot of money on T-shirts, we'll up the ante big time, but honestly right we're not making any money on T-shirts. It's just for fun.

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