Now & Then: Paris 1900-2013 in Photos

Now & Then: Paris 1900-2013 in Photos

Andie Powers
Apr 2, 2013

Sometimes, it's important to look back on what once was and examine the ways things have changed over the years. Today's high-style interior design will be tomorrow's dead trend, and then, inevitably, vintage chic. I love looking at the juxtaposition of these photos of Paris from 1900-2013, which illustrate that process.

Now & Then: Paris 1900-2013 in PhotosRue 89 invites us into their "time machine" to see images of Paris frozen in time compared with their modern counterparts. It's interesting to see the curbs and sidewalks worn over time, where people have walked for years and years, and buildings completely change, but somehow stay the same. Which era do you prefer? 

Click over to Rue 89 to see more image comparisons. 

(Images: Rue 89)

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