Mini Nursery Tour: Lucinda's California Dream

Mini Nursery Tour: Lucinda's California Dream

Janie Lee
May 14, 2007

Name: Julie and Ian
Baby: Lucinda, 8 months
Location: Santa Monica, CA

Lucinda's nursery jumped out at us while surfing Flickr. This is what mom Julie had to say about how the nursery came together...

As far as the nursery goes, it's funny how it came together. there really was no divine inspiration, but rather things just kinda came together. basically, i thought i wanted a turquoise accent wall but that was as far as it got. then i saw the angela adams rug online somewhere and it was on sale so my husband suggested we buy it. i thought it was absurd to buy the rug before anything else, but we did it anyway.

then when it came time to paint, ian didn't want a turquoise wall cuz the kids' bathroom is turquoise and orange is one of my favorite colors and featured in the rug as well, so we decided on that. i had never really thought of turq and orange going together, but they turned out looking really good together.

as far as the furniture went, we thought we needed a drop-down side for the crib and nurseryworks were the only modern cribs that had that so we went for theirs. if i had it to do again, i'm not sure i would. we only used the drop down feature when she was little and we'd dress her in there and the model we have with the solid ends makes using bumpers pretty hard (though we still do). but i do like their sheet set and their changing table is fine.

the rest of the furniture, other than the glider, is stuff from other parts of our house that we re-purposed. the glider came from a store in santa monica - our friends had had them make a less rounded version of their regular glider for them so we just chose different fabric and copied that design. i was worried about all the different fabrics clashing, but somehow they all worked out. at least i think they do. ;-)

the artwork is from various friends (geoff mcfetridge, jeff kelly of jeeto and shari elf) and there are also two photos from the born into brothels documentary.

our daughter, lucinda, is just about 8 months. hopefully, she'll appreciate not having a bubble-gum pink room when she's older. worst case scenario, at least i got to have the room i wanted while she still had no say.

Tag your photos with 'apartmenttherapynursery' on flickr and we'll post your nursery.

(Thanks, Julie!)

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