Flashback: Nursery Radio, Spring 2007

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We were feeling nostalgic for a little radio show we used to put together back before we called ourselves Apartment Therapy's Family Channel or Ohdeedoh; when we were simply...The Nursery. Enjoy!

This is for kids like you. Welcome to our first attempt at doing something we've been DYING to do for years: put on a little radio show with singing and stories. If you click on the little audio bar above you'll join in (it's 20 minutes long).

This week we had a great new song by Marta called "No Power, No Problem", a birthday song for Zephyr, Jack & Sophie and Cora (not quite last week, but close enough), an interview with Sara Kate and Ursula and the story of Monkey, Monkey who lives at the top of a frozen tree. We hope you enjoy it. 

Click here to listen to the show

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