Nursery Show and Tell: Otis' Hipster Room

Nursery Show and Tell: Otis' Hipster Room

Sep 27, 2006

Yet another fab nursery for Nursery Show-and-Tell, this one from blogger shiso mama, aka Mimi.

Mimi writes: We really hated the idea of filling our (new) house with a lot of junky kids' stuff, so we took things slow and have been filling things in here and there. We did an informal inventory, and all the furniture that we've purchased over the past few years has either been from craigslist or from the DWR warehouse/sample sales. I hate paying retail, but want good, solid furniture that will last. We try to buy minimally, and purchase stuff that will have a long lifespan, or will have another use later in life. [more after the jump]

The find we're most proud of is Otis's crib - it's a sustainably harvested maple Arts and Crafts crib that we bought off craigslist for something like 30% of retail. But the FLOR tiles, the Barcelona chair, the toy box, the shelves, they're all from the warehouse/sample sales.

Our main concession to kid-ness are the Japanese balloon animals that I hung in the corner like a mobile. I like the way they float and sway. Other than that and a Enzo Mari poster, things are pretty minimal and tidy.

We actually just went to another one of the DWR sample sales over the weekend and bought a few more pieces. It's starting to feel like our house is filling up with stuff, so we're about done.

Thanks Mimi!

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