Nursery Show and Tell: Heather's Loopy Kid Haven

Nursery Show and Tell: Heather's Loopy Kid Haven

Sep 28, 2006

We were beginning to wonder if sharing a room had gone out of style when we received this whimsical Nursery Show-and-Tell submission from Heather:

She writes: There's a lot packed into the room shared by my 4-year old daughter and 18-month old son, but we try to maintain a big open space in the middle for running, jumping & dancing, a cozy hideaway formed from the head of the twin bed & end of crib in the corner (full of stuffed animals and big floor cushions–great for reading). [more pics after the jump]

An old cabinet from my husband's first apartment is now storage for extra linens, pajamas, and shoes –- girl's down low for her to choose & baby's on top to insure they don't migrate to other places.

A mid century modern credenza functions as a dresser for both, diaper storage & a changing table. Closet has another dresser stowed inside with out-of-season and other sized clothes, with double rods maximizing the storage.

Dimmer switch on the recessed lights and the lanterns hung from them really make the room. The squiggles were my attempt to keep the room fun and work for a baby, child, really anyone. Ceiling is peach, walls a soft green, carpet is a straw color.

Our nursery happens to be the most finely tuned room in our home, mostly out of necessity and partially out of our strong desire to have a creative place for our children to grow. My daughter thinks it is a very normal room and my son is too young to voice any opposition, but it will be interesting to see how they change it up to reflect what they want it to be, and we will strongly support them, unless the look leans more toward Barney (crazed dinosaur, not Rubble).

Thanks Heather!

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