Nursery Storage

Nursery Storage

Mar 1, 2007

What would you pay for these shelves? We get a ton of catalogs every day, and most of them go from the mailbox to the recycling bin, but every once in a while we flip through one we don't recognize, and are a little surprised by what we find. Take these shelves, for instance.

Sturdy wood frames, canvas drawers, and lots and lots of storage space. Not bad for a kid's room, and we like how they encourage organization.

While we wish the colour schemes were more interchangable, we like the fact that these pieces are scaled down to allow kids to pick up and organize their own stuff. The tower is 33" high, while the 3 tier organizer is 22" in height.

What we love most about them though? They are $13.95, for either the tower or the organizer. We paid more than that for lunch today! Thanks, Lakeside!

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