Nursery Tour: Baby O's Closet Sanctuary on a Budget

Nursery Tour: Baby O's Closet Sanctuary on a Budget

Julia Cho
Aug 26, 2008

Name of Child: Baby O, Arriving in October!
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Baby O's parents started off with the large walk-in closet in their master bedroom and made it Baby O's own. Even with their clothes still hanging on one side of the room, they created a warm but airy sanctuary spending only a little bit more than $400. Mom Jen shared a little bit about their inspiration and some great budget-friendly tips with us below!

What was your inspiration/starting point for the room? 

The room we decided to use for the nursery was originally designated as our rather large walk-in master bedroom closet complete with a floor to ceiling closet organizer.  Instead of relocating our closet, we decided to give the room duel purposes and kept our wall of clothing and converted the other half into a nursery.  Because the nursery/ closet is an extension of our bedroom, we thought it was important to continue the look and feel that we created in our bedroom and focused on designing a space that is simple, uncluttered, clean-lined yet warm and comfortable- a room that appealed to our contemporary, clean tastes yet incorporated some whimsical touches.  And most importantly, we wanted to achieve all of this on a budget of less than $500.  We were able to do this by using pieces that we already owned and furniture loaned by friends, coupled with some smart purchases.

What were the goals you were trying to accomplish?  

We wanted to create a room that did double duty as our baby nursery and our clothing closet, and that continued the contemporary look we created in our bedroom.  When you first walk into the nursery you are  welcomed into a room that clean-lined and calm...  then you notice the floor to ceiling organizer of clothing, shoes and bags (filled with my clothing, of course.  Steve's clothes are in the smaller room closet).  Surprisingly the room, while not huge, can accommodate both easily and in some ways having a smaller space to work with helped to create a warmer, cozier space for the baby.

What's your best tip/advice to other parents looking to plan a budget-friendly room?

Come up with a budget and stick to it!  Don't get too caught up in the buying the perfect items for your baby's room.  Just know the feeling and atmosphere you want to create and look for items that help achieve that feel.  Spend time shopping around and not just at baby stores or in baby sections of stores.  Sometimes the perfect items can be found at your local hardware or discount store, or even in your own home! 

I live in Canada and the designer knock pieces that are available at WalMart, KMART and Target in the US are not easily accessible so I had to be realistic and open myself up to other options.   I coveted a Dwell Crib bedding set that cost $400 CAD but knew it just wasn't worth the expense - besides that fact that it would blow my $500 in almost one go!   We found crib bedding at the Canadian Superstore for $99 that works great in our room -  the star theme is whimsical but not too "babyish".  The curtains were purchased at Rona for $30 per panel and again the colours work great and circle pattern gives it a bit more of a modern feel.  The curtain rod, wall prints, corner lamp, crib frame and 3 tier dresser are from IKEA.  We bought the simple curtain rod and lamp for under $30.  The low white crib was a mere $120 and despite the thrifty price is very sturdy AND was surprisingly easy to put together.  Plus we love the clean lined look.  We already owned the animal prints (I bought them years ago from IKEA) which we mounted in matching frames we took from around the house, and the dresser was our primary dresser for years before we bought a new one last year.  We also installed an inexpensive 4 head hallogen lighting fixture and dimmer switch to create a versatile lighting scheme.  The white change table and change pad were lent to us by a friend and work perfectly plus it offers us plenty of storage.  We found some terrific colourful containers at Costco and Winners - the round barrel-like plastic containers were a steal at 2 for $14 and the square canvas container swere $7.99 each.  They are ideal for storing toys & stuffed animals, extra blankets, laundry and more.  In fact, I use the same containers in other areas of my house!

What's your favorite thing about the end result?

First, we just love everything about the room from the furniture to the colourful yet simple animal prints.  The room feels so incredibly cozy and serene, even with our huge wall of clothing!  We can't wait for Baby O to arrive so we can spend more time in the space.  And of course, we love the fact that we achieved everything we hoped for at a cost of just over $400. 

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