Nursery Tour: Cooper Goes Graphic

Nursery Tour: Cooper Goes Graphic

Carrie McBride
Feb 13, 2009

Child's Name and Age: Cooper, 4 months
Location: Redwood City, CA

Cooper's parents wanted a modern, masculine room for their son. Using a graphic, colorful bedding set as a jumping off point, they looked to incorporate these colors as accents around the room. They also made some DIY decisions which enabled them to carry the theme throughout the room without breaking the bank.

What was your overall inspiration or goal for this space?

We wanted to make a simple/masculine room that would fit in with the modern/graphic decor of the rest of the house. We love the use of bold colors and decided to carry this through to the baby's room. We were also looking to make the room transition nicely into a little boy's room. All the effort up front, and little alterations will follow through the years.

What challenges did you come across while putting the room together?
We had the hardest time with wall space! Putting all of the furniture up against the wall was the biggest challenge. We created a map of how everything was to be laid out after we bought all of of the furniture. But when it came time to put it all together, it didn't fit as well as we had anticipated. We spent a few hours rearranging everything and it all worked out in the end! *phew*

What are your favorite elements or items in the room?

We fell in love with the Transportation bedding by Dwell Studio before I even got pregnant! The second we found out it was a boy, I rushed onto the computer to order the crib set! It was that fabric that inspired the entire room. The IKEA bookshelf is a great piece too! With the help of the brown fabric bins from Target, I was able to hide & organize all the baby stuff!

We scoured the internet for a modern yet inexpensive glider. Unfortunately not many exist! I took a chance and ordered our glider from the Dwell Studio line at and was extremely happy with the result. It is simple, comfortable and fits in with the lines & shapes of the nursery.

Do you have any great resources to recommend and share?

Of course Ohdeedoh was a HUGE inspiration for our nursery planning! It was really refreshing to find some modern spaces to help inspire! There were many bold/masculine nurseries that helped us feel confident in our color choices. I spent a lot of time on Flickr looking through people's nurseries and baby gear to figure out what to do. It proved to be a great resource!

What advice do you have for parents starting to put a baby's room together?
Once you decide on your color scheme, go to Home Depot and pick up paint chips that match all of the colors you are going to work with. Fashion them together with some tape to create your own little color swatch stick. Keep it in your wallet and whenever you are out looking at baby stuff, whip it out and see if it works in your room! This was a great tool for us because the colors of the pattern were REALLY specific!

Anything else you'd like to add?

We really wanted to buy the Dwell Studio curtains we saw online, but they were completely out of our budget. I bought the twin duvet set online to use as the fabric for our valance. With the help of my mother-in-law and husband, we were able to make a very affordable valance for the nursery. It really helps tie the room together! We were also able to take some of the graphics from the extra fabric and frame them!

It took me forever to figure out our mobile situation. I was looking for something that would match our room, but the colors were so specific that it made it hard to find. I bought a metallic photo clip holder and cut out a bunch of different sized circles to make exactly what I was looking for. Cost less than $10 and it fits perfectly in the room! Cooper seems to love it too!

Thank you Tracy for sharing Cooper's beautiful room with us. We can tell he's going to enjoy it for many years!

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