Nursery Tour: Jonas

Nursery Tour: Jonas

Janel Laban
Dec 20, 2006

(Another post from Janie, one of the finalists vying for a blogging position at the upcoming AT:The Nursery. Comment away.)

Our nursery came together at the last minute. After we discovered we were expecting and due in May, we put our loft up for sale and immediately began looking for a home with space for a nursery. Two months later we found our home -- sans nursery. A month later we moved in and began planning the renovations necessary to create baby's room.

We knocked out two of the existing closets and commandeered hallway space to create a nursery that would be connected to the master bedroom. The result is a cozy 8' x 12' nook between the master bedroom and bathroom. Luckily, our baby came a week late, giving the paint time to cure and kinks in the radiant heating in the floor a chance to be fixed.

Our main goal was to create an efficient and modern space for Jonas without doing violence to the look of our adjoining bedroom and bath. We were aware of all the modern tot furniture available but unwilling to forfeit his college tuition to acquire it. So we splurged on a few expensive items and stretched the balance of our budget to acquire the rest.


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