Nursery Tour: Kayla

Nursery Tour: Kayla

Janel Laban
Dec 21, 2006

(Here is a third post from Julia, one of the finalists vying for a blogging position at the upcoming AT:The Nursery. Comment away.)

Name: Kayla Marie
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Size: 180 square feet
Favorite: Covered Wagon Bed

The last time I saw my friend Julie she had just given birth to her first child Kayla. Her and her husband Jeff left the northeast and moved to Ohio where they now reside in an old farmhouse with two daughters, Kayla, 4, and Rachel, 2-1/2. On a pastor's salary, Jeff and Julie have done an amazing job with both girls' rooms.

The room I'm showcasing here, Kayla's, has a cowgirl western theme. I know, sometimes theme rooms can be dangerous (just look at some of the things they've done on Extreme Home Makeover), but this room is classic, simple, and unique without being too over the top. I love that hardly anything in this room was purchased and how many creative projects they did. Julie told me decorating is one hobby she really enjoys sharing with her husband.

Tell me if you've ever seen anything quite like this covered wagon bed? Jeff made it himself with a bunch of 2x4's from Home Depot. Not only does it look amazing, but it also helped Kayla transition from crib to bed at 18 months so her new sister could use the crib. The front actually opens up so she can climb in and out.

I love it when furniture is passed down from generation to generation. Kayla's was inherited from Jeff's grandmother who received it when she was just one year old. The rocking chair was Julie's mom's. The horse was Julie's as a toddler.

The wall hangings are made from western-themed fabric stretched over a board covered with batting. The wooden horse is painted with colors that match the fabric. Extras like the cactus lamp and the miniature wagon lamp were also given to them.

Two horseshoes also hang on the wall, one of them found in their own back yard!

The curtains are fine-wale corduroy material sewn by Jeff's mom.
Julie says they really darken the room nicely for naptimes and keep out winter drafts. The rug is Ralph Lauren, also a gift from a friend.

Finally, they created a "reading nook" in the closet with a sheet covering a large piece of foam and pillows sewn out of the same fabric from the wall hangings. When I was a kid, I loved using my closet as a tiny room, and as simple as this project is, I can imagine it bringing hours of joy to both girls.

This room is inspiring and reminds me that less is more, and a room infused with meaning isn't necessarily about new things or furniture.
It's about creativity and making the most of what you already have.
Thanks Julie!


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