Nursey Tour: Libby's Room

Nursey Tour: Libby's Room

Mar 30, 2007

Name: Leeza Hernandez with daughter Libby
Location:Central New Jersey

If you ask us, Libby is a very lucky girl....when

Below, our questions for Leeza, and her answers.

We asked Leeza what inspired this room, and she told us that her inspiration came from her favourite colours (orange and lime, in case you weren't sure!), and the challenge of, in her words, "...stay[ing] away from the typical baby-pink as much as possible and creating a fun, vibrant nursery that she could grow in to." Equally inpsiring is a print that Leeza has owned for more than 12 years that finally found a home in this cheerful room.

proudest DIY: The closet and the window treatments with matching bedding and pillows. I saved several hundred dollars just by spending some time researching and tackling the projects myself. The Elfa system at The Container Store was my inspiration for the closet, but sadly the combination I really loved blew the budget. I found something very similar at IKEA, measured and drew up some plans and figured out an organization solution costing almost $650 less than the Elfa — and that included storage containers. The project took me a couple of days to research, an evening to figure out what I needed and a day at the weekend to put it all together.

Window treatments: The valances, that double up as shelving for the stuffed toys, consist of two pieces of 1 x 4" pine, and a couple of L-brackets. The fabric was cut into triangles, sewn and embellished with some beaded trim to add a touch of sparkle. The fabric fixes to each of the wood shelves with Velcro and is easily removed for washing.

Bedding: I had a hard time finding a bedding set that was interesting graphically, fun and modern. But went to the local fabric store and stumbled across a couple of swatches in colors that matched the cat print and my vision of orange and lime. Luckily, the store was carrying a 20% discount on all fabric that weekend. Trust me, it's not hard to sew a straight line — I know that no-one's going to be knocking at my door wanting to inspect the hemlines. Window treatments, bedding and pillows total cost was $200. You're lucky if you can get custom-made curtains for that price for one window!

favourite ELEMENT: I love the vibrant, yet calming energy in the room created by the colors. But probably my most favorite element is the rocking-glider chair in the corner, which was a gift from my in-laws. It's incredibly comfy. I have fallen asleep in it plenty of times! The light hits the room in the afternoon, so Libby and I snuggle up, read books, or watch the birdies playing in the trees. Libby loves the cat print – she can't take her eyes off it when she is feeding.

best ADVICE:
• Research, research, research. If you have a vision for the nursery or seen the perfect furniture, but sadly is out of your price range, don't be afraid to get out and about and hunt through discount stores, regular home furnishing places, sales and outlets.
•Don't be afraid to ask for help. Call on friends and family to brainstorm if you are struggling for ideas.
• Watch as many home-decorating TV shows as possible — especially the ones that feature no- or low-cost makeovers.
• Search your house/garage/basement/friend's for items packed away that could serve a purpose. The two lamps in Libby's room were from an old house that we lived in.
• I took my time during my pregnancy in collecting items to put this room together which also helped spread out the costs. I found the Berber area rug at Home Depot for $50; the mosquito net at Pier 1 Imports in a sale for $9; the orange and hot pink sheers at a fabric store for $7.99 each and some of the hanging decorations (which were displayed in-store as holiday ornaments) at Micheals craft store for around $3 each.

working with COLOR:
• Don't be afraid to try something bold.
• Choose a light color in the same family for three walls and make your fourth a focal wall — add your splash there. Use accessories on the other side of the room in the same color as the accent wall for balance.
• Invest in a color wheel.
• If you have a print, painting, pillow, fabric or toy you love and wish to use it in your darling's haven, use colors from that to be your starting point for the wall color. Choose shades that are least visible in the pattern, as this will help the inspiration item 'pop' more.

famous LAST WORDS: Most importantly, be yourself, let your personalities as parents shine though with creativity into the room and don't be afraid to experiment. Afterall, you're going to be spending a lot of time in there and will probably remember it much more than your newborn will, so make it a space YOU love, too.


Ikea: Frog chair, crib, wardrobe, changing table, toy chest and storage containers
Fabricland: Fabric for the (homemade) bedding, pillows, and sheer netting
Pier 1: Mosquito Net
Babies 'R' Us: glider
Home Depot: Area rug, and Behr paint (in 'Lace Corsage', orange and lime.
•The ceramic cat and frog were gifts from Mum in the UK, but Leeza kindly tracked down a source here for them: Cat (Tofufu) and Frog (Wasabibi).

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