NY Good Questions: Inexpensive Woodworker in NYC?

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Hello AT,

With much embarrassment, I admit that we broke our lovely vintage bed last week.

Upon further inspection, it seems that the cleat has separated from the mattress rail.

Can anyone recommend a good (inexpensive) woodworker in the city?

It doesn't need to be beautifully restored or anything; it was not expensive to begin with. I am just attached to it and it also seems wasteful to throw something out that is otherwise completely functional. Thanks! Jane

(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.)

Dear Jane,

Until our frickin' search and categories are working again, we're using google to find good links for you in our archive. There are a number of good people that we know of and hopefully readers will tell us of a new one here:

Urban Homecraft: Interiors / Woodworking
Myk Henry: Carpenter
John Ewbank: Cabinetmaker and Finish Carpenter

Anyone else?

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