NY Good Questions: Adjustable Table Legs?

NY Good Questions: Adjustable Table Legs?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 12, 2007

Hello AT,

I currently have a John Boos commercial top, which I use as a counter and for bar-height seating.

I want to be able to lower the surface, so I can use it as a proper dining table and then raise it again for, say, kneading bread.

Do you know where I can find hand-crank height-adjustable table legs so I can make my surface do double duty as both table and counter?

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They have legs at industrial suppliers, but the heights vary from too-tall to way too-tall.

I'm looking for something that goes from about 29" to 40".

Here's a pic of something that I'd like from McMaster-Carr, but the height is 33"-47".

Thanks! Kath

Dear Kath,

We don't know of anyone who does this except the folks at Hydra Table. They make hydraulic bases that work from coffee table up to dining height and from dining up to bar height. We don't think anyone makes one that can do the whole thing.

Their bases are mainly meant to be centered on smaller table tops, but they may have larger solutions. They are super pretty, but also not cheap.

Anyone else??

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