NY Good Questions: Cheap Repair Ideas For This Chair?

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Dear AT,

I found this chair at a thrift store for $5, and I'm wondering what the best way to repair it is.

The finish is chipping off, and the cane back is starting to fall apart, but I can't afford to have it professionally repaired right now.

I've refinished and reupholstered furniture before, and the results were decent, but not professional.

A friend of mine cautioned me against hasty repairs, and said it might be worth something if I wait until I can have it fixed properly.

I know next to nothing about furniture- I can't find a manufacturer's stamp anywhere on it, but it seems to be well made...

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How do you tell weather to restore or revamp a flea market piece like this?

And does anyone know of a cheap way to repair a cane back chair?

Thanks! Emily

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