NY Good Questions: Glass Backsplash for My New Kitchen?

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Hello AT,

I'm having a lot of trouble picking a backsplash that will go with my black galaxy granite and maple colored cabinets.

The granite has copper flecks in it which matches the warm tones in the cabinets.

I want a glass tile for the backsplash. I loved some of the iridescent ones, but my husband hated them.

Any ideas for the glass tile? We looked at oceanside, ann sacks, and walker zanger...

(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.)

We are painting the surrounding walls a warm yellowy-beige color (exact color yet to be determined).

We tried using 1x2 subway tiles in a 3 color pattern of blues, but found the blues to be too "cool" feeling since the rest of the house is warm. Any help is appreciated!!

Thanks! Tate

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