NY Good Questions: How Can I Revamp This Chest?

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Hello AT,

I have a small revamp project that I'm not sure how to approach.

I recently bought this huge vintage jewelry chest (19"x15"x8.5").

I'm really excited about its storage capabilities, but it needs some sprucing it up.

It seems to be incredibly thin, crappy wood or even cardboard covered in some kind of paper, which is a little stained and peel-y...

(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.)

Given the frame quality, I don't think the paper covering will come off, or even that it's worth trying.

I'd like to recover it with something else on top - maybe paper or fabric with modge podge? Any suggestions?

Eventually I will invest in something nice, but for the time being it would be swell to actually fit all my jewelry into something pretty-looking.

Thanks! Tamar

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