NY Good Questions: How Should I Set This Room Up?

NY Good Questions: How Should I Set This Room Up?

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 30, 2008

Dear AT,

I just moved into my boyfriend Paul's house and I'm in a redecorating frenzy.

Only problem is, the living room is giving me trouble. I'm stuck!

We have a bunch of different styles of furniture, and we're open to using/not using/re-upholstering all or any of it (there's room for one of the couches if need be in the bedroom), or even buying something new if it's just perfect...

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I'm looking for some good advice on how to set this room up.

Ok, but here's the wrench in the plans: in addition to all of this, Paul really wants a comfy chair + ottoman (preferably leather, but open to other ideas) to face the TV.

Is there a way to do this without making the whole room seem too 'TV-centric' and, what style leather chair would we buy that would complement such a mix of styles already?

Thanks! Nicola

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