NY Good Questions: Ideas For Window Coverings?

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Hello AT,

I recently purchased a condo in a renovated 1965 building.

There are lots of great architectural elements, but one of them has left me clueless.

The bedroom has a corner window and door that lead onto the balcony.

The door is original to the building and has slats that open to let in fresh air...

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I love the crazy old door and the structure of the walls (see picture), but I am at a loss as to how to hang some drapes or shades to get some privacy. I

n case you can't tell from the picture, the window is basically inset on the left side and the door is raised from the wall on the right side.

Given the unusual shape to the wall above and around the window and door, I can't figure out how I would hang a drapery rod.

Anyone have any ideas or creative solutions?

Thanks! Emily

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Good Questions, Window Coverings

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