NY Good Questions: Inexpensive Reupholsterer?

NY Good Questions: Inexpensive Reupholsterer?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 10, 2007

Hello AT,

Walking down the street in Brooklyn this evening, we stumbled upon this lone chair sitting out in the frigid cold next to some old abstract paint canvases.

My girlfriend recognized it immediately as an Eames, though we figured it was probably a knock-off.

When we got home, however, we turned it upside down and were astonished to realize that it's an authentic Herman Miller (with a patent number and everything)...

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It has clearly seen some use and the fabric seems to have been scrawled on by the previous owner's kid (albeit in a similar, brownish color!).

But I'm curious about having it reupholstered, and what that might cost.

Also, it needs a new foot piece for one of the feet, so I'm wondering about parts.

Thanks! Blake

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