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Dear AT,

My boyfriend and I are getting ready to move into a great old home in a few weeks.

Although it's a rental, we're going to be there for a while and our landlord has given us the freedom to makes changes.

Our quandary is the kitchen and adjoining dining room.

The current aesthetic is very country (especially the oak cabinets), and our style is more modern...

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While we can't change the cabinets or counter-tops, we'd love some color ideas for the walls to downplay the medium oak color and make it feel more modern.

Our furniture pieces going into the dining room are dark ebony color woods, and we were thinking of installing some floating stainless steel shelves on the long wall alongside the kitchen for cookbooks and a little extra storage.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

We'd love any and all ideas, especially colors, to help modernize the space.

Thanks! Carrie