NY Good Questions: Cozy Rug for Green and Yellow Floor?

NY Good Questions: Cozy Rug for Green and Yellow Floor?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 18, 2007

Hello AT,

I'm looking for a rug kitchen rug/mat.

What color goes with my green and yellow tiled kitchen floors?

I want the rug to tone down the colors and make it cozier in there.

I tried beige and it's not really working. It makes the room feel blah, especially since the walls are also beige.

I would love white, but is white crazy to have in a kitchen since it will get dirty?

Thanks! Diana

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Dear Diana,

You have a lovely floor which wants a mat that will pop a little bit, while adding to the warmth that's already there. Beige IS too blah and doesn't do the former, but it's warmth is right on.

We'd go with a soft RED and - because color is very important - we'd go with the type of red you find in Bolon Vinyl sisal. You can get this cut to size for kitchens, and it was originally designed as kitchen matting in Scandinavia. To see what this looks like, click over to this link: Bolon Woven Vinyl Floorcovering. The color we have in mind they call BURDOCK.

Anyone else?

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