NY Good Questions: Suggestions on a Couch Cleaner?

NY Good Questions: Suggestions on a Couch Cleaner?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 27, 2008

Hello AT,

Help! I am in dire need of a professional upholstery cleaner for my sofa.

Much to the chagrin of my elder relatives ("you are buying a beige sofa -good luck with keeping that clean"), I went ahead and bought it.

Now, after 20 months of use, it needs a good professional cleaning.

It is the Teddy Sofa from Crate and Barrel and the fabric (according to the product sheet) is "a luxuriously soft high-nap fabric"...

(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.)

I would appreciate any recommendations for a professional cleaner that can also travel up a 6-floor walk-up to tackle my dingy sofa.

Also, would you recommend that I have it scotch-guarded as well?

Thanks! Tara

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