NY Good Questions: Suggestions for our Apt. Layout?

NY Good Questions: Suggestions for our Apt. Layout?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 30, 2008

Dear AT,

We're in the process of purchasing a One Bedroom apartment in NY which has an odd layout.

There are two things we're having trouble with.

First is the kitchen, it feels like it's part of a hallway to the bedroom rather than being its own unit.

Is there a better way to solve the kitchen?..

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We'd love for it to somehow blend into the living space but wonder if that's awkward to be at the entryway.

I'm not sure if the pipes for gas and water can be moved, I assume they cannot.

The second thing is the bathroom, we wish we we could access the bathroom without going through the bedroom.

One solution is to go though the wall of the kitchen by creating a door where the oven is... but then that makes less space for the kitchen.

Would any of you have better solutions for the layout of this apartment?

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Jeremiah