NY Good Questions: Thoughts on Furniture Placement?

NY Good Questions: Thoughts on Furniture Placement?

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 28, 2008

Hello AT,

I know having twins is no excuse for this horrendous bedroom. Thankfully they are 6 years old now and we can tackle our bedroom.

Here is the bedroom. We are taking out the carpet, but are painting first.

The blue wall will be BM brookside green.

The bed (which is a sleigh) will be against the wall. The remaining three walls will be taupe(ish)...

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Unfortunately, my husband will not part with the 1940's dressers.

Because of the single window both highboy and dresser are on the same wall. I guess it's not too bad, it is not in the sight line when you enter.

The closets will be renovated into one large closet.

Any thoughts on furniture placement? lamps? End tables? A place for a TV?

I am waffling on a LCD to mount on the wall to free up space. Thanks! Jen

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