NY Good Questions: What Color Should I Paint My Bed?

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Hello AT,

I am just in the process of decorating my bedroom and just got the Mandal bed with storage from IKEA.

As much as I like the shape, I don't like the pine look.

I have two gorgeous rosewood bedside tables and I hope to get a teak/rosewood dresser when I find that perfect one...

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What would be the most versatile color to stain this bed so that it blends in?

I am thinking a natural dark wood color, but I am not sure how natural it would blend with the rest of the furniture?

What about something bright, like a red or a deep green?

Thanks! Zoey

Dear Zoey,

Good for you! Painting over the ubiquitous IKEA pine is one of the simplest and more effective IKEAhacks we know.

Our bid would be to go with China White, which is a soft, greyish off-white. We've done our IKEA furniture with it and find that it fits in nicely with warm, dark colors as well as light ones.

Also, when painting over the IKEA poly finish, you're going to need a primer and an oil based paint to really, really stick and give you a hard coat.

Anyone else?

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