NY Good Questions: Window Treatment for French Doors?

NY Good Questions: Window Treatment for French Doors?

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 2, 2008

Hello AT,

What kind of window treatment is best for a French door in a bedroom which opens up into a terrace?

I'm a deep sleeper and not affected much by light, but do want a window treatment which provides some privacy.

Mostly, the blinds/ shades will be open and I want something that doesn't gather too much on top when it's raised.

I've looked into the honeycomb and roman blinds but wasn't wowed.

I like the wood blinds, but think they may clank too much every time the door opens & closes...

(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.)

I also like curtains but think they'll get in the way with the stairs.

There's also a window on that same wall, which I'm guessing should share the same window treatment.

Thanks! Helen

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