Ruling: Airbnb Does Not Violate NYC's Hotel Law

Design News 09.30.13

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Good news for apartment-sharing site Airbnb: On Thursday, an administrative law panel ruled that the service does not violate New York City's hotel regulations. "This is a clear victory for the sharing community," says Airbnb via its blog. "We are proud of our hosts and guests in New York and around the world, and we are excited for a future in which the sharing economy is here to stay."

In other news, Veranda's former editor in chief heads to Shumacher, and check out this fish-filled aquarium fence. See the headlines after the jump.

Airbnb Wins Appeal as Court Rules Apartment-Share Site Does Not Violate Law | DNAInfo
Former Veranda EIC Dara Caponigro heads to Schumacher | The Editor at Large
Aquarium Fence At A Home In Turkey Draws Over A Thousand Visitors Daily | HuffPost Home

(Image: Airbnb)

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