NYT: Chaises & Daybeds

NYT: Chaises & Daybeds

Aaron Able
Oct 10, 2007

Lounging. Here's more from the recent T Style Magazine, Design issue. We wanted to make certain that all ATers were exposed to the Chaises & Daybeds Slideshow. While a few of the products have already been discussed on AT (most notably Bottega Veneta Camp Cots and CB2's Lubi Daybed), there are some others that shouldn't be missed...

Pictured above is the Listen-to-Me Chaise by Edward J. Wormley for Dunbar.

Selldorf Architects' Platform Daybed

Armani/Casa's Otello Meridienne

Many of the nineteen examples are priced in the many-thousands — but there are a few exceptions. Check it out.

Good Questions: Quality of CB2's Lubi Daybed?
Bottega Veneta Camp Cots
Good Questions: Daybed Dress Up Solution?

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