NYT: Greenwash at Home Depot?

NYT: Greenwash at Home Depot?

Aaron Able
Jun 25, 2007

Evolution of Green. The New York Times business section has an excellent article today, At Home Depot, How Green Is That Chainsaw?, examining the power and relevance of Home Depot's Eco Options marketing. Is Home Depot too inclusive in its 2500 Eco Options products? As corporations scramble to jump on the Green boat, many consumers are pointing out that retailers are promoting green while continuing to sell harsh chemicals and very un-green goods...

It sounds like Home Depot is trying to do better — they're working on a certification system to help consumers understand the entire life cycle of green products. As the nation's second-largest retailer, Home Depot has a lot of power to change standards in retailing...Check it out!

Green Backlash

(Photograph by Hiroko Masuike)

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