NYT House & Home Roundup: 10.25.07

NYT House & Home Roundup: 10.25.07

Aaron Able
Oct 25, 2007

Market Report. We loved this feature! Best Sellers and Bombs, and What Stores Are Betting On looks at products from design stores around the country that defied expectations — good or bad. By profiling stores from various geographical locations, the reader gets a basic understanding of the roles of buyers and their job of predicting success based on their unique kind of customer. You'll recognize many products — many we've discussed here — but you might be surprised what did well...

The slideshow explains everything but here are some interesting discoveries:

In Dallas store Nest, Jonathan Adler's Utopia ceramics do well, but his needlepoint pillows do not.

AT favorite, Design House's Stockholm Bicycle Basket does exceptionally well at San Francisco's Zinc Details.

KleinReid's Porcelain Campfire didn't go over well on AT, but is a best seller at Boston's Koo de Kir.

Do any ATers own any of the best sellers? What about the bombs?

House & Home Roundup

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