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Patrick oversees the bedroom diaper changing demo

Pinch me. If the last few days have been a bit spotty, bear with us. It's been busy in AT-land. In homage to small spaces everywhere, Oprah's television crew came on Tuesday to film our 265 s/f apartment for an upcoming show on Zee Veery Veery Small Spaces and for the first time in a long time, we are extremely nervous.

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Quick! More diapers!

They shot the apartment therapist, his wife and the super cute daytime Ursula (who has become a monster at night - ie. no sleepy time and lots of fussy-fussy), and we did our very best to walk and talk all that we believe in and had done in our apartment with high energy and without tripping over our words. It was challenging.

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OMG,could this place be any smaller for seven people?

They also shot Nate Berkus' new apartment in the West Village, which is also small (@ 600 sf) and a lucky viewer's home that was given a makeover for the show.

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Ta-Daa! Mission accomplished and Sara Kate is perfect for the camera, while Ursula starts to fish out

The big deal, however, is whether or not we're going to be invited to Chicago for the taping of the show next week, which is why we say, Pinch Me. If we go that would be BIG BIG BIG and we'd be very very nervous. If we go we promise to wear our SMALL IS COOL t-shirt. Cross your fingers.

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