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There is no odder little store for housewares and accessories than Obscura. Run by Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson and nestled on the side of 10th street, it is a treasure trove of obscure, slightly nefarious antiques and collectibles, and every now and then there is a gem of a find tucked away inside.

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Obscura caught our attention for it's unique collection of old school and desk lamps that we used by a client's bedside. They have many antique lamps in the shop. They also sell mounted deer heads, old photographs, laboratory glassware, clocks and animal teeth.

Our favorites were the shell casing lamp in the window and the funky diner clocks that we've always wanted and never yet bought. MGR

MUG says: Our favorite place to buy creepy stuff

Trigger says: the perfect antithesis of the ‘Sex and the City’ plague that threatens to gentrify the East Village

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