Obsidian Mouse by Saitek

Obsidian Mouse by Saitek

May 2, 2007

Stone or plastic? This mouse wins points with us for its attractive design, and we think it would look great sitting on a desk. Plus it's wireless allowing you to keep your desk clutter free. It is the latest design from Saitek, makers of gaming peripherals, so we would guess they know a thing or two about designing something easy to use.

However, it had a mixed review over on Amazon, stating it was too large and its "charger" wasn't in fact a charger. (It charges a spare battery that you have to manually change when the other dies.) But that means the charger doesn't need to sit on your desk or even in easy reach of the mouse. We think its attractive styling makes it worth a second look, but are curious if anyone out there has experience with Saitek's products.

Available here for $49.99.

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