The most stylish people I know often have two design loves: occasional chairs and stripes. When you pair them together, you get furniture that's chic, timeless, and hard not to covet.

  1. Colé's patterned veneer Tria Chair is elegant and sculptural.
  2. Punch up a mellow room with Missoni's limited edition Paulistano Chair. Approx. $1500 at Bodie and Fou.
  3. A chic butterfly chair cover that looks plucked from the French Riviera. Approx. $150 per cover at Angelucci 20th Century.
  4. An American frame chair smartly reupholstered in an Italian military blanket. $950 at Sit and Read.
  5. A folded, multicolored statement piece from designer Anthony Hartley.

(Images: As linked above)