Do You Have OCD: Obsessive Craigslist Disorder?

You may be suffering and not even know it. Symptoms include near-constant refreshing, fear of missing deals (FOMD) and total denial of the existence of bedbugs. Read on to see if you have all the signs of this sneaky shopping disease.

  • Some people call it cobalt, but to you, it will always be "Craigslist Blue."
  • You find the basic, outdated web design soothing, like an old blanket and a cup of tea. If only the rest of the web was living like it was 1995.
  • You can only fall asleep by brainstorming keywords for your next search. It's just like counting sheep, but way more useful.
  • You fully believe in (and are terrified of ruining your) Craigslist Karma.
  • You named your kid Craig (and she's a girl).
  • When you see an especially ugly sofa, your heart starts to race and your palms get all sweaty.
  • Your biggest goal is to make it onto the "best of" list.
  • Your friends don't even bother to ask you where you got anything anymore, they ask how much you saved.
  • If you find something you're looking for too easily you're secretly disappointed, you like the thrill of the hunt.
  • You obsess over the wording of every email, in case you offer too little and blow the deal or too much and overpay.
  • You like to get the local flavor by browsing even when you're in other cities on vacation. You'll figure out how to get the stuff home later.
  • You think nothing of paying more for a rental vehicle to transport your loot than the cost of the item itself.
  • You'd never dream of dating anyone you didn't meet on the 'list.

(Image credits: Standard Studio; Jennifer Hunter; Bridget Pizzo; Do I Love This Pink Craigslist Sofa Enough?; Elizabeth Giorgi; Erin Milnik for Carrie Moe)