Oct NY Design Meetup: Designer Pages by Avi Flombaum

Oct NY Design Meetup: Designer Pages by Avi Flombaum

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 16, 2007

Designer: Avi Flombaum
Product: Designer Pages
Link: www.designerpages.com

Like Flickr, but for designers. At our last 5th Meetup, we were introduced to a new web application intended to help designers source and keep track of products used in their projects. An ambitious project that holds the promise of replacing hard copy product libraries, Designer Pages is user-generated and allows folks to search for, save, collaborate and ultimately buy products they love...

- Designer Pages
- Online Product Manager

Briefly, Designer Pages is a user-generated site where suppliers can post and maintain their own product information - so when you search for a product, you can connect to a real person. Additionally, since suppliers are free to update and post as many products as they'd like, the data on Designer Pages becomes more complete over time instead of out of date. And when you find a product you like, you can save it to your personal materials library or create a workspace to share it with your friends.

We are just launching so the site is very young, but we're looking for people to start getting involved now because we are building this for the community and our users will define the future of the site. So if you have any feedback or thoughts, feel free to post them here or to contact me through Designer Pages - we'd really love to hear from you!


Avi Flombaum

Really Simple llc, Co-Founder

243 5th Ave, Suite 360 | New York, NY 10016

www.reallysimple.to | www.designerpages.com

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