October is: Color!

October is: Color!

Janel Laban
Oct 22, 2007

Maximum Color. The contest is going full steam ahead. We're on track to squeeze in our allotted 40 entries on AT:Chicago and just want to take this moment to THANK all of the Midwest readers who sent in an entry, whether they make it onto the front page this time around or not.

The readers who get involved with our online design community by sharing their photos is something we really appreciate and are inspired by - we all LOVE seeing your homes.

This is our last full week of entry posting and then we'll move on to the next stage, meeting the judges and announcing the regional semifinalists. Then we'll see more of the homes you all voted for during round two as the semifinalists send in expanded entries. We'll wrap it all up at our end of contest party at CB2 on November 15 from 6-8 - hope you can make it!

But this month is not just about the contest - were blogging color everywhere we find it from colorful porcelain to pink for peace to storing colorful crafting fabrics to the king of colorful rooms, Jamie Drake.

Any color tips, links or suggestions? Send them our way at chicago (at) apartment therapy (dot) com....thanks!

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