October NY Design Meetup: Wes Green's Lexie Lew Pet Collection

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Designer: Wes Green
Product: Lexie Lew Pet Beds and Pillows
Link: www.lexielew.com

Upgrading pet products to suit your home. Wes Green had a problem. He had a stylish home, but his dog bed looked just awful and he couldn't find many alternatives. So he set about to design and manufacture a line of pet beds with chic fabrics that coordinate with a line of pillows and fit into your home. The result was the mix'n match Lexie Lew line...

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- Round & Rectangular Beds
- %100 Cotton Fabrics
- $120-$165

1. Built-in burrowing pockets. For dogs— big or small— who like to sleep under blankets. If your pal prefers to sleep au naturel, then you don't even need to know the pocket is there.

2. Machine washable, inside and out. Zip off the cover and wash it alone. Or throw the whole thing into the washing machine (on gentle or delicate cycle!) and dry well on a low setting.

3. These cool 100% cotton prints. Choose from one of the following fabrics.

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- Throw Pillows
- %100 Cotton fabrics
- $35

Buy the throw pillows alone or with a pet bed. Have them match exactly. Or mix and match them. The combinations are up to you. And just like the beds these pillows can be tossed into the washing machine (on gentle, of course). (18” x 18”)

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