To Infinity and Beyond: DIY Cardboard Cat Rocket Project

Scratches. Bite marks. Unraveled rugs. The animal lovers among us know what havoc they can cause in the home. Taking her cue from the cats, Haley Pierson-Cox decided conquer the problem with little more than a cardboard box.

The result is a conversation piece that is as eye-catching as it is functional. Haley painstakingly, and I mean painstakingly, crafted a homemade "Tintin" rocket just for the cats. The lucky guys now have carpet, stepping stairs, and their own little porthole. And they love it. Now I want to make one for my kids.

For complete DIY instructions, please visit Haley at Craftzine. You can also find her at her own blog, The Zen of Making.


Images: Haley Pierson-Cox