Ideas to Improve Bedroom + Home Office Combo?

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Q: I have a roughly 12.5 x 13 foot bedroom/office where I'll be working for the foreseeable future. (Unless y'all tell me to forget it and convert the dining room, in which case I will be working with paper that smells like stir fry for the foreseeable future.)

The problems: 1) There are piles of paper on the floor, and I can't seem to get a good access/priority/storage system going. 2) I am visually distractable and piles drive me crazy. 3) I also need to SEE things to know they exist, so tasks can't be completely hidden:

The wishes: I would like to have a system where I can have the desktop clear to use for one task at a time, with another large surface for placing several tasks. But I would like to have flow through the room. My previous attempts at clearing the desk seem to just produce more piles of things I can't find later! I have considered adding two Expedit 2x2s in the question mark spaces, to use for tasks and reference materials.

The file cabinet is in the living room and I have one file box for often used papers.
There needs to be enough floor space for large dogs to lounge when it's too hot to lie on the bed. And I would like to have a little separation between work paper, school paper, and personal paper (of which there is a lot).

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