Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board

Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board

Here's an awesome idea that popped up at Pinterest and has us drooling. Have you seen it? It's a super sized magnetic board made from something we didn't even know existed.

Kate from Nic and Kate came up with this great idea since her refrigerator isn't magnetic and she wanted her kids to have a place to play with alphabet magnets. She mounted an oil drip pan from an automotive supply store on her kitchen wall, and as more people are switching to stainless steel appliances, this idea seems like a great solution to the lost refrigerator surface problem.

See more pics and get tips for this project on Kate's blog.

(We found an inexpensive 26" x 36" oil drip pan on sale at Ace Hardware for $7.42!)

(Image: Nic and Kate)

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