Olatz Schnabel's Home in the West Village

Olatz Schnabel's Home in the West Village

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 18, 2012

At the very back of today's TStyle mag is the best bit: beautiful interior shots by Jason Schmidt and a brief article on Olatz Schnabel in her new West Village home. Julian Schnabel's former wife - a Basque-from, Paris-raised ex-model - has impeccable style and you can easily see her influence on Julian's interior projects.

There's a much lighter, feminine touch to these rooms, even though they are saturated with deep color, suddenly heavy, out of the ordinary objects and lots of large Schnabel paintings.

"The place reminds her, she said, of being in the French countryside or in Paris. But the truth is, it's a more intricate hybrid than that. Much has been rescued: wood paneling thrown out by Cooper Union has been given a new lease on life behind Cy's bed. There is a blue and gold carved 18th-century French door frame in the living room, and the kitchen tabletop is made out of marble from the old terrace behind the Museum of Modern Art. "

It's totally worth a tour, and then check out her store, which is filled with her own brand of luxury bed and table linens and silk nightwear. The article also says she's starting her own interior design company as we write.

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(image: Jason Schmidt)

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