Old Computer Sitting Around? Check Out all Your Options...

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Computers are no longer the fancy new gadgets they used to be. We're getting bomarded with new shiny features everyday, but let's face it, the computer is no spring chicken. All across America, there are garages full of beige plastic box-shapes with 10" screens and real cardboard boxes filled with a jungle of cords, keyboards and computer mouses. Do yourself a favor, clean out your garage or attic or storage unit and check out this post on Instructables filled with tons options for what to do with old computers and their parts...

Prodlad, the user responsible for this gem, quickly offers some usual and some not-so-usual suggestions on what to do with a whole computer: turn it into a server, use it as a stress reliever, use it as a answering machine, make the monitor into a aquarium, trade It in or donate it.

But if none of those options work for you, or if you have only parts of the computer, Prodlad offers advice on what to do with the CD-Drive, the floppy drive, the hard drive, the power supply, the motherboard, CPU, RAM, the case and the rest of that good stuff sitting inside it.

Check out his post here and get started on that extra closet full of junk. Once you clean out all the old tech, you could have room to make your own beautiful closet office for your new stuff!

[ Image from Cote@Flickr ]

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