They are the ultimate bathroom "classic" - the old fashioned clawfoot tub is a huge style statement and we've always hoped to someday live in a place with one. The selection we put together here proves that they work in spaces that have gone otherwise "modern" just as well as they do in rooms that embrace the antique vibe...

Let us many of you are lucky enough to take your bubble baths in one of these beauties?

Top Row, left to right:
1. 25 Beautiful Homes, August 2006
2. Living Etc., May 2007
3. Living Etc., July 06
4. Living Etc, June 2005
5. Country Homes & Interiors, March 2005
Bottom Row, left to right:
6. Living Etc., July 2005
7. Ideal Home, April 2005
8. 25 Beautiful Homes, February 2009
9.Ideal Home, January 2009
10. Country Homes & Interiors, May 2008