Creative Reuse: A-Frame Bookshelves Made from Old Ladders

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Some DIY ideas are so simple and obvious, it's surprising to me that the internet hasn't already been flooded with their genius. The ladder turned A-frame bookcase may just be the perfect example.

Inside Out Magazine featured a really interested vintage ladder turned bookshelf with some simple gray lacquered boards used as the shelving. Easy and pretty darn brilliant.

However, vintage ladders are tough to come by, so if you want to DIY this one yourself, I recommend taking note from Casa Haus. They took a modern metal ladder and just painted it. Same shelving, but with a slightly different look.

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While the shelving units here don't feature lots of heavy things like books, it's important to secure the shelves to the ladder if you try this out, especially if you intend to use all the shelving space beyond the ladder.

Is this a trend you would try at home?

(Image credits: Inside Out Magazine; Casa Haus)

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