The Digital Diary: Keeping a Journal on a Tablet

The Digital Diary: Keeping a Journal on a Tablet

While some have replaced the traditional diary and journal with Facebook or other social networking outlets, there are those who prefer something a bit more private for their personal logs. There are many options, and it's no longer the choice between private or public, offline or online, as there are numerous ways to journal digitally. Today we'll take a look at journaling options for the iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets.

Day One - Journal: The best way to describe this app might be that it's like a personal blog/ social media profile that you don't need to be online to write and is private, just for you. The internet does come into play with the iCloud or Dropbox syncing which makes it possible for the Day One products to sync across your Mac, iPhone and iPad. The app is clean, easy to use, and is reminiscent of some of the well designed social apps like Path. $4.99

Maxjournal: One of the biggest strengths of this app is the support for up to 30 photos per entry. The app also allows for multiple journals each with their own passwords which is nice if you share your iPad with others. With all of these features it's pretty nifty that the app is free and it's too bad that it isn't available on other platforms like Android and Windows 8. Free

Chronicle for iPad - A Personal Journal: Like the aforementioned apps, there is a backup feature. Unlike the other two apps, there's also the option to export your entire journal as a website in case you change your mind about keeping your entries private. $2.99

Diaro - Personal Diary: Formatted for both phones and tablets this app supports security codes to keep your entires private as well as backup via Dropbox. The app also lets you quickly create a new entry via the notification bar icon. Free

Write: Tablet Journal: This minimalist text editor is designed specifically for Android tablets and while it supports integration with a variety of services like Dropbox and Wordpress it's not the best option to use if you want to include images along with your text in your journal entires. $2.99