Olga Korper's Live/Work Gallery Home

Olga Korper's Live/Work Gallery Home

Rachael Grad
Aug 6, 2012

Tess' recent post on San Francisco Homes as Galleries reminded us of the well-known Toronto gallery/home of Olga Korper. Before Olga moved in (in 1989), the space was a foundry, then part of a garbage disposal for a mattress factory. About 4,000 of the 10,000 square foot building is now used as living space.

Canadian House & Home recently presented a video tour of the unique home/gallery space. In the video Olga Korper speaks of how she minimizes color in the kitchen and living room so that the food and people give color to the space. She explains her favorite pieces of art on display in the living areas of her home. Click here to see the video from Canadian House & Home.

Olga Korper gallery has been operating in Toronto since 1973 and represents the work of artists including Lynn Cohen, John Brown, Susanna Heller, Paterson Ewen and Tim Whiten. See all of the artists represented by the gallery by visiting the gallery website.

(Images: stills from the video from Canadian House & Home)

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