Olympic Inspiration: Medal Winning Metals at Home

This past week we've been energized by the Olympic spirit, and have loved watching the competitors slip, slide and flip in Sochi. While we can't all be Olympic athletes, we can incorporate a little bit of gold, silver and bronze into our home. Catch the medal winning ideas below...


1. Harper's Bazaar
2. NEW Hotel
3. The Wall Street Journal
4. PaperCITY
5. OneFortyThree


6. Heather A Wilson Architect
7. Estudio Botteri-Connell
8. David Chipperfield Architects
9. Studio William Hefner
10. Urbis Magazine

More Metallics on Apartment Therapy:

(Image credits: Christopher Sturman/Harper's Bazaar; Andres/NEW Hotel; François Halard/WSJ. Magazine; Jack Thompson/PaperCITY; OneFortyThree; Heather A Wilson Archit​ect; Gustavo Sosa Pinilla/Arch Daily; Yohan Zerdoun/David Chipperfield Architects; Studio William Hefner; Simon Devitt/Urbis Magazine)