On AT:SF: December is for Entertaining

On AT:SF: December is for Entertaining

Dec 3, 2007

AT:SFers, welcome to a brand-new month, brand-new theme, and brand-new site!

December is for Entertaining. And because we all clean house before a party, you'll have noticed that we really cleaned house at AT in preparation for this month chock-full of holidays and festivities. We're getting ready for lots of giveaways and entertaining tips and ideas.

In the meantime, take a tour of the main AT site, which has all of the city sites' posts in a single place. Check out the new homes for our cooking, children, tech, and green categories. And don't miss our easier-to-navigate archives.

Keep in mind there's still some work going on -- be sure to take a look down the page because some later posts are showing up earlier -- but if you have comments or notice bugs, tell us here.

Image: Maura McEvoy/Real Simple

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